Sunday, December 19, 2010

A night at Hilton Tokyo Bay

We had a one night stay at Daddy's hotel. It was a short stay but it was fun!

Autum Leaves...

We went to Shinjuku in early December with Jiji
Me and my daddy!

Ryohei sleeps all the time!

I went on the Swan Boat ride with Jiji and mommy..Ryohei was too small to paddle so he and daddy stayed back and watch.

Late November 2010

Here are our activities in the last week (or so) of November.
I went on the Christmas Train ride in Lalaport

An outing to a park near our home

Playing on the swing with Misaki

Ryohei is now big enough to sit on this baby bouncer

Our little Christmas tree

Me and Ryohei


'BOO!' his sleep...

We went to Cousin Mayuko's 2nd Birthday Party

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Erina & Ryo with family and friends..

Here are some random pictures of us with family and friends who came to visit the newborn!
Ryohei and Nyai-1st outing to Lalaport.

With nyai and Wan, the day they left Japan...

Ryohei sleeping soundly with Nyai.

With uncle SHu and his family (Aunty Satoko and Mayuko-chan

With cousin Mayuko

Ryohei and Nyai

Ryo and daddy

Ryo and Jiji

Ryo and Wan

Visit from Yako and her mommy and her brother Shio

Erina and Ryohei

Here are some random pictures of me and my brother Ryohei taken in October/November 2010.